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Sure garners intel in Vegas

Telecoms firm views future technology

An Island telecoms company has its head in the cloud at a Las Vegas technology conference this week.

Sure is currently stationed at VMWorld 2016, a futuristic showcase of innovations in everything portable, mobile, online and flexible.

This year's event revolves around the concept of the 'multi-Cloud' - where businesses, individuals and organisations can seamlessly share data between devices in real-time, and all the time.

Major talking points include the 'Internet of Things' (IoT), a future where every device, from your hairdryer to your lawnmower, is connected online; and the growth of artificial intelligence - when our technological servants gain the power of true knowledge, and even human emotion.

Sure's man in Vegas Richard Moore says he wants to bring home a 'real understanding of where things are going', and expand the Island's 'limited view of the technological landscape'.

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