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2018 fourth-sunniest year on record

Last year was hotter and wetter than usual

2018 was the fourth-sunniest year on record, according to the Isle of Man Meteorological Office.

Last year also saw higher than average temperatures, but more rainfall than usual.

Despite the record-breaking warm period in the summer, 2018 featured 62 days with ground frost, compared to an average of 48.

Total rainfall for the 12-month period was 903mm, 39mm more than normal; however, not a single drop fell between June 21st and July 9th - the longest complete dry spell since 1984.

January was the second-wettest month of the year, behind November, with a 40% higher than normal rainfall recorded at the start of 2018.

A total of 1781 hours of bright sunshine makes 2018 the fourth sunniest since records began, while June was the hottest and sunniest on record, as well as the second-driest (after 1949).

2018 also saw the sunniest February on record, as well as a record-breaking gust of wind for September of 67mph.

The mean temperature for the entire year was 10.5°C, which is 0.4°C above the long term average.

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