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BUDGET: More than £15K will be spent per head of population

Treasury provides breakdown of where money is being spent

More than £15,000 will be spent on each person living on the Isle of Man in the next financial year.

Government is expecting to spend £1.2 billion between April and March.

This equates to around £15,243 per man, woman and child based on a population of just over 84,000.

The figure includes:

  • £4,538 for Social Security payments including pension, Income Support and Child Benefit
  • £3,787 for Health and Social Care services of which £227 is for providing free or subsidised prescriptions
  • £1,592 for education including £129 for university fees
  • £474 for emergency services including police and fire – as well as the prison service and other parts of the Department of Home Affairs
  • £266 for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture including the OFT
  • £180 for public transport and heritage railways
  • £141 for waste management
  • £87 for sports, recreation and youth services including subsidising regional swimming pools
  • £43 for culture including the Villa Gaiety

You can find out more about the Budget – and what it means for you – by clicking HERE.

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