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Cannan resigns from role as MHK with responsibility for housing

Alfred Cannan has resigned from his role as MHK with responsibility for housing.

He's accused the Cabinet Office of "a failure to democratically engage with elected representatives" with regard to local government reforms and matters relating to Social Housing.

In a letter to Minister Howard Quayle, Mr Cannan states his belief that major housing policy decisions are being managed through the Cabinet Office and not through the Department of Social Care - yet he and Minister Quayle are expected to take responsibility for the decisions.

He's also criticised "The Big Debate" claiming that people will find it unacceptable that attendance to the meetings is by invitation only.

Mr Cannan says the situation is unacceptable to him and he lists several other issues which he is also unable to agree with . . including the stated policy of means tested rent not being in place as planned.

He goes on to express concern on discovering that the Cabinet Office has arranged to meet local authorities in his constituency to discuss issues including devolved housing .  . without informing him of the proposals. Nor did they make him aware of the meetings - something he says is "an embarrassment".

Mr Cannan claims there is a clear lack of engagement with political representatives outside of COMIN, particularly in respect of fundamental reforms and changes that are being discussed in the Cabinet Office. He ends by saying he refuses to be the political "stooge" for Housing and local authority reform on behalf of COMIN and the Cabinet Office.


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