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Housing association considered for Island

Government proposing the move to tackle the Island's housing crisis

Government's considering creating a housing association to manage its properties.

It's thought it could help with tackling the Island's housing crisis

While in its early stages, the Department of Infrastructure is exploring the possibility, which is the preferred option of five in a recent report looking into the issue.

It would be owned by government but operated at arm's length, similar to Manx Care.

It's hoped that would mean it could help tackle various issues here, including providing key worker housing, creating subsidised packages for young families and first-time buyers, or even initiatives to help those who need more support like the elderly, homeless, or those leaving the care system.

The association would likely mirror those already being used in England, Scotland and Wales.

It would involve the Island's local authorities, and the DoI says it wants to hear their views on how they think the association may or may not work for their specific communities.

Tenants in properties managed by the DoI will also be consulted, but will see no changes to their arrangements while the process takes place.

Infrastructure Minister, Tim Crookall, says, 'This is the start of an exercise to assess the suitability of a housing model which works well elsewhere, and may play an important role in delivering the aims of Our Island Plan.

‘The topic will be the focus of a session at this week’s Isle of Man Government Conference and I encourage people to join us at the Villa Marina on Thursday afternoon to both find out more and to take part in a question-and-answer panel session.

Next month, Tynwald members will be asked to receive the report and support a consultation asking for feedback on the idea.

Once that has been completed, and before progressing further, the DoI would then report back to Tynwald with its detailed recommendations and project plan.

You can read the David Tolson report in full HERE.

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