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Long Covid support group urges patience with recovery

Studies show around 10% of coronavirus patients have long lasting symptoms

A support group for Manx residents suffering from long Covid is urging those recently diagnosed with coronavirus not to rush their recovery.

Covid Recovery Isle of Man was set up following the first outbreak on the Island.

A study by the British Medical Association shows those who've suffered with post-viral fatigue can slow their recovery by returning to their normal level of activity too soon.

The Covid Recovery Isle of Man group believes the Island's low number of cases prior to the most recent outbreak means there isn't as much experience dealing with long Covid as there is in the UK.

Around one in 10 people who've tested positive for coronavirus continue to experience fatigue for 12 weeks or longer.

The group says trying to do too much too soon can lengthen the recovery time.

More information and support is available through the Covid Recovery Isle of Man Facebook page.

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