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Police advice on avoiding scammers

Advice given to never give bank details over phone

Police say people on the Isle of Man are losing tens of thousands of pounds and sometimes more as a result of scams.

Officers say, unfortunately, the scams continue in various forms - and can be very convincing.

They've taken to social media to offer some basic advice to try and prevent further such cases.

Police say if you receive an unexpected call, you should never give your bank details over the phone.

If you receive an expected call or a call about a known issue, make sure you verify who you are talking to, and ask yourself is it a person you have spoken to before?

Then ring back on a separate line or ring back ensuring your phone line has cleared if you need to pay a bill. Also, check you use the correct business number of the company.

If you shop online or ring up to pay for services always check who you are paying and how.

It's pointed out that if you get scammed they may ask for small amounts at first - but once they have your details you could get your account emptied very quickly.

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