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Public Health sets out reasons behind water fluoridation report

Tooth decay said to be one of the main causes of hospital admissions for children 

Public Health Isle of Man has highlighted 17-percent of five-year-old children have dental decay which is one of the main causes of hospital admission.

The organisation has been tasked by the Council of Ministers to compile a research paper looking into fluoridation of the Island's water supply.

It follows recommendations set out by the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee which hopes to improve oral health for children.

As part of those, it was recommended children be given fluoride varnish twice yearly, however we’re told that’s already something that’s carried out and is only applicable to those registered with NHS dentists.

Professor Hugo Van Woerden says fluoridation of water may not be feasible, but it’s important to be considered.

"Following the oral health report a number of suggestions will be looked at to help improve dental health for Island Children, one part of this involves Public Health presenting a paper about fluoridation.

"The most important thing that we can do to stop decay in our teeth is to eat less sugar, particularly sweets and sugary drinks. Regular teeth brushing also makes a difference, as it removes some of the bacteria that grow on our teeth and causes the decay. Early dental care for any decay is also important, as this can help save a tooth."

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