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Sea safety warning, ahead of sunny weekend

With a good forecast for the Isle of Man this weekend, there's a timely reminder about the need to be safe in and around the sea.

The Island's chief coastguard Colin Finney says many see a break in the weather as an ideal opportunity to get out onto the water.

While he encourages people to make the most of a sunny spell, he says there are simple precautions that should be taken.

A number of coastguard call outs are due to broken down vessels, and Mr Finney says boat owners should check their engines before leaving harbour, and examine inflatables in case of punctures.

However, most people are sensible and, on the whole, he and his colleagues look forward to the warmer weather.

He told Manx Radio:

"On the Island there's a great deal of knowledge among the boat owners and the seafaring fraternity, those who enjoy the Island's coastline for its various types of recreation, [and] there's always a willingness to share knowledge.

"Hopefully people continue to enjoy the Island's coastline [and] get involved in maritime activities, but to some extent also we have to get our act together and make sure that we are in the right place at the right time, should people need us."

Anybody who needs assistance either on or near the sea should call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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