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Step on road to domestic rates reform

Rating system proposals given support in public consultation

Proposals to shake-up the Island's rating system have been given broad support in a public consultation.

Almost 1500 residents gave their views - one of the biggest responses to a government consultation on any subject.

The majority were in favour of moving the basis of rates from the rental value of a property to its capital value.

The findings pave the way for the first major reform of the Island's rating system in more than four decades.

The consultation generated 1,484 responses, the vast majority online.

There was support for placing each domestic property within one of nine tax bands - but differing views on where those bands should be set.

The crucial question of how property tax should be collected proved controversial.

Individuals were in favour of raising income equally from all properties in the same band Island-wide, and allocating money to local authorities according to need.

But commissioners and councils which currently set and collect their own rates, did not agree.

There's also support for reform of commercial and agricultural rates alongside domestic changes - so the revaluation is fair to all rate payers.

Treasury says it will take all the responses into account before deciding on its next step. 

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