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Swine flu hits Manx schools

The Department of Health and Social Security says it’s beginning to see cases of what’s thought to be swine flu in the Island’s primary schools.

Public Health officials had predicted the H1N1 virus would spread into schools at the start of the new term as a second wave of infection began in Autumn – and they say they’re expecting further cases in youngsters and school staff.

Children showing symptoms will be excluded from school for nine days to prevent transmission to others.

The advice remains to contact your GP by telephone if you or your child shows symptoms - do not attend hospital or surgeries in person.

Director of Public Health Dr Parameswaran Kishore says there’s no need for parents to worry unduly: (play attached clip)


The DHSS's advice for parents in full is as follows:

1. It's likely that in the coming weeks kids and/or staff at your child's school will be checked for swine flu and treated if necessary.

2. Anyone suspected of having the virus is excluded from school immediately and no longer pose a risk in terms of transmitting it.

3. There's no need to keep healthy kids off school as anyone suspected of having swine flu is sent home.

4. If your child has flu-like sypmtoms (headache, fever, sore throat, aches and pains etc), contact your GP by phone only for advice. Don't send them to school until you've sought advice. Don't go to Noble's or Ramsey Cottage Hospitals with them.

5. If your child has been advised to stay off, please comply fully with the medical advice you've received.

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