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The Manx Connection

You can’t go anywhere without meeting a Manxie – and that’s never better explained than in a new book which charts Manx emigrants across the globe.

The Manx Connection follows writer John Quirk’s exploits as he visits Manx societies around the world.

Published by The Manx Experience, the book gives an insight into how the Manx have influenced the places in which they settled.

John says wherever you travel the in world, you can’t help but bump into someone with a Manx connection (audio file attached):

More information about the book can be found at www.manxconnection.com

(Pictured, left to right, Laxey Cemetery and the site of old Laxey Church in Wisconsin; the sign for Tynwald, restaurant and colonial accommodation, in Tasmania; the Star of India, built in 1863 in Ramsey, which now resides at the San Diego Maritime Museum in California)

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