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Unemployment falls in February

201 men are unemployed, compared with 105 women

Unemployment on the Isle of Man fell in February, but the proportion of economically active people who are out of work remains the same at 0.7 percent.

A total of 306 people are registered unemployed, with catering, medical and health services and retail among the sectors with the highest number of vacancies.

Figures for February 2024 show a decrease of seven people in comparison to the same period a year ago.

However, when comparing to the month prior, it's down by 16.

Vacancies listed at the Job Centre also fell by 127 in comparison to the previous month with a total of 789.

Of these positions 56 percent were full-time and the remaining 44 percent were part-time.

The International Labour Organisation estimates 751 people are unemployed and looking for work which equates to a rate of 1.7 percent.

The ILO figure accounts for not only those who may be registered unemployed but also those who may be actively looking for work but who haven't registered themselves as out of a job.

'Other business services', retail distribution, and catering and entertainment are among the sectors with the highest number of unemployed people.

Long-term unemployment is defined as anyone who has been out of work for a year or longer, as of February, there are 27 people who fall into this category.

Geographically, the east is home to the most unemployed people at 217.

The north, south and west sit at 39, 35 and 15 respectively.

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