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Padgetts offer sponsorship opportunity

A recent Facebook and Twitter campaign for fans to donate towards a racing fund for Padgetts Honda has been highly successful.

Team boss Clive Padgett's daughter Fiona came up with the idea with another intention being to attract major sponsorship.

At the T.T., Padgetts Honda has won 11 of the last 20 solo races around the Mountain Course - the most memorable success came in 2010 when Ian Hutchinson rewrote the record-books with five victories.

Indeed, the Padgetts team can claim the rare honour of having taken TT wins in every decade since the 1960s.

Clive Padgett says the team will definitely be racing in 2013.

He says the lack of sponsorship is partly down to him as he is not a marketing guru and prefers getting his hands dirty working hard of the race bikes.

Clive says he will be interested in hearing from anyone willing to sponsor the team either for the whole season or for a one off event such as the T.T.:-

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