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Chief Minister to refer Callister sacking to Tynwald Standards Committee

Ard Shirveishagh dy chur cur bayr da Callister gys Bing Stundayrtyn Tinvaal

Cannan pohlldal eamyn son ronsaghey cur gys lhiattee eear Hirveishagh Slaynt

Nee'n Ard Shirveishagh cur cur y bayr da'n Shirveishagh Slaynt gys Bing Stundayrtyn Tinvaal.

Lurg eamyn veih cooyl-vinkeyryn son ronsaghey ny taghyrtyn gys cur y bayr da Rob Callister, ta Alfred Cannan er veeraghey dy jean eh shirrey son yn chooish dy ve er ny ronsaghey.

Ren Mnr Callister gra nagh row ynrickys ec yn Ard Shirveishagh tra haink eh er imneaghyn mychione cooishyn cheusthie jeh'n rheynn echey. 

Ta Mnr Cannan gra dy vel feme er ronsaghey.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Er-lhiam dy nee'n red cooie eh dy ghoaill ayns laue ronsaghey kiart, shaghey mish ve my hoie ayns shoh as jannoo briwnyssyn tra s'baghtal eh dy vel olteynyn Tinvaal geearree sorch ennagh dy irrinaghey neu-chrogheydagh mychione ny t'er haghyrt. As s'baghtal eh, ny v'ec Rob dy ghra jiu, v'eh feer trome-chooishagh, as t'eh feme jeeaghyn er dy kiart.


Cannan backs calls for investigation into dismissal of former Health Minister

The Chief Minister will refer the sacking of the Health Minister to the Tynwald Standards Committee.

Following calls from backbenchers for an investigation into the events leading up to the dismissal of Rob Callister, Alfred Cannan has confirmed he'll be asking for the matter to be looked into.

Mr Callister claimed the Chief Minister didn't show integrity when he raised concerns about issues within his department.

Mr Cannan says there needs to be an investigation:

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