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Minister announces tidal initiative

Ta Shirveishagh fockley magh ventyr-tidee

Ta kied shiaght bleeaney er ny chur da colught ynnydagh dy ronsaghey jannoo ymmyd jeh bree-tidee magh ass y clyst-marrey twoaie.

Phil Gawne, y Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys, t'eh gra dy jean Bree-Tidee Vannin sessal y licklaght jeh geddyn bree-tidee fondagh magh ass Kione ny h-Ayrey.

Shegin goaill coontey foast jeh cooishyn gollrish ny h-aghtyn odddagh ventyr-tidee jannoo er gruntyn-eeastee, er lhuingys, as er yn çhymmyltaght.

Ta Mnr Gawne greinnit.

Minister announces tidal initiative

A seven year licence has been given to a local firm to explore the possibilities for harvesting tidal energy off the north coast.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne says Manx Tidal Energy will assess the possibilities off the Point of Ayre.

Still to be taken into account are such features as the effect on fishing grounds, on shipping and on the environment.

Mr Gawne is encouraged.

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