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Praise for Manx Wildlife Trust

Moylley Treisht Bea Feie Vannin

Ta Treisht Bea Feie Vannin er ny moylley son yn obbyr t'ee jannoo syn Ellan.

Ard-Offishear Eddyr-Insh yn Çheshaght Reeoil son Treishtyn Bea Feie, t'ee gra dy re gyn cosoylaght yn Elllan, er yn oyr dy vel whilleen sorçh dy habitatyn eck ayns ard ta cho beg.

Emma Websdale, hug e chied shilley er yn Ellan er y gherrid, t'ee gra dy re feer roshtynagh ta nadoor ayns shoh da dy chooilley pheiagh.

Chammah as shen, t'ee gra, olteynyn jeh'n Treisht gollrish Dawn Dickens, t'ad jannoo obbyr yindyssagh dy ghreinnaghey feallagh shenn as aeg dy gholl magh er y çheer.

Praise for Manx Wildlife Trust

The Manx Wildlife Trust has been praised for the work it does in the Island.

The Senior Communications Officer for the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts says the Island is unqiue in having such a diverse range of habitats in such a small area.

Emma Websdale who was on her first visit to the Island recently, adds that nature here is very accessible for everyone and members of the Trust, such as Biodiversity Officer Dawn Dickens, do an amazing amount to encourage both old and young to get out there.

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