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Thefts warning from police

Raaue mysh maarleeys veih meoiryn-shee

Ta meoiryn-shee cur raaue da sleih dy chur twoaie da maarlee-snoagyraght, ny lurg skeealyn jeh maarleeys veih poagaghyn as cooatyn nagh row geill currit daue.

Ta offishearyn gra dy lhisagh oo shickyraghey dy vel fys ayd raad ta'n sporran ny wallad ayd, as oo shickyraghey neesht nagh vod maarlee ad y gheid dy h-aashagh ayns thieyn-lhionney, clubbyn as thieyn-bee.

T'ad gra dy vel ad er chlashtyn kuse dy skeealyn mychione argid goll er geid.

Dy meefortanagh, ta ny meoiryn-shee gra, ta paart dy leih ayn ta gymmydey yn feailley TT tarroogh son cosney kimmeeagh - as t'ad gra nagh lhisagh sleih shen y yannoo ny sassey daue.

Thefts warning from police

Police are warning people to beware of sneak thieves after reports of thefts from unattended bags and coats.

Officers say you should make sure you know where your purse or wallet is, and make sure they're not vulnerable to thieves in the pubs, clubs and restaurants.

They say they've had a number of reports of money being stolen.

They say unfortunately there are some people who exploit the busy TT festival for criminal gain - and say people shouldn't make it easy for them.

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