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Timetable for Freedom of Information Act roll-out

Skedjal son rowlal-magh slattys seyrsynys fysseree

Bee bree currit da'n clattys seyrsnys fysseree harrish y reiltys ny veggan as ny veggan, goaill toshiaght dy leah sy nah vlein.

Bee toshiaght currit da'n rowlal-magh ayns Toshiaght Arree sy nah vlein, as bee bree ec y clattys harrish y clane reiltys daa vlein ny lurg shen.

Nee barrantagh fysseree neuchrogheydagh goaseiraghey yn aght vees y slattys gobbraghey.

As marish paart dy heyraghyn, cha jed y slattys goll sheear ny sodjey na toshiaght y reiltys t'ayn nish, ta shen dy ghra, feed cheead as nane-jeig.

Yn Ard-Shirveishagh Allan Bell, t'eh gra dy re son oyryn obbree dy bee yn rowlal-magh jeant ny veggan as ny veggan.

Timetable for Freedom of Information Act roll-out

The Freedom of Information Act will come in gradually across Government, starting early next year.

The roll-out will start in February next year with full implementation two years later.

An Independent Information Commissioner will oversee its operation. And along with a number of exemptions, the Act won't go back further than the start of the present administration, in 2011.

Chief Minister Allan Bell says the gradual roll-out is for practical reasons.

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