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TT funfair arrives

Roshtyn phreaban gammanagh yn TT

Kyndagh rish yn roshtyn jeh paart jeh eunysseyrys tradishoonagh yn TT, hie paart dy chassan hooylaghan Ghoolish er jeigh moghrey jea.

Va preaban gammanagh yn TT er jeet, as v'eh goll er troggal er Shooylaghan Loch yn laa jea.

Va tooilley cullee çheet ny s'anmagh yn laa jea, mysh shey er y chlag syn astyr, as, dooyrt meoiryn-shee, foddee dy beagh myn-voirey traaght ennagh ayn choud as va ny carbid çheet stiagh.

Va'n cassan dooint choud as va skimmee troggal ny markiaghtyn.
Hed y preaban gammanagh er fosley Jerdein.

TT funfair arrives

The arrival of some of the traditional TT entertainment meant that part of Douglas Promenade's walkway was closed yesterday morning.

The TT funfair had arrived and was setting up on Loch Promenade yesterday.

More equipment was arriving later yesterday at around 6pm, and police said that there might be some minor traffic disruption as the vehicles arrived.

The walkway was shut as staff put up the rides.

The fair opens for business on Thursday.

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