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Union head wants teacher training review

Leeideilagh sheshaght-cheirdey shirrey scrutaghey traenal jeh ynseyderyn

Eaghtyrane cho-heshaght ashoonagh ard-ynseyderyn, t'ee gra dy vel Mannin feme scrutaghey yn aght ta ynseyderyn goll er traenal.

Ann Lyon, ard-ynseyder ass Lunnin heear-hwoaie, v'ee ayns yn Ellan yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie son co-hionnal, v'er ny phohlldal ec yn cho-heshaght as sheshaghtyn-keirdey elley.

Va shoh yn chied shilley hug ee er scoillyn ayns Crogheydane Crooin, as dooyrt Bnr Lyon dy row ee jeant booiagh dy row scoiilyn ayns shoh foast ayns cree yn cho-phobble.

As ee cur my ner dy vel cooishyn myr listal nyn go-doilleeidyn son yn Ellan as y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, va un chooish er-lheh ayn syn Ellan heill ish dy row feme er lughtyn-reill Manninagh ronsaghey.

Dooyrt Bnr Lyon foddee dy beagh sleih syn Ellan geearree goaill coorse-bea elley ayns laue, myr fer-ynsee ny ben-ynsee. Agh cha nel aght ayn shen y yannoo ayns shoh. Beemayd gobbraghey son traa foddey, as myr shen oddagh daa choorse-bea ny eer tree coorseyn-bea ve ain, as shinyn gobbraghey. Ta paart dy phaarantyn sy scoill eck geearree ceau smoo traa marish nyn baitçhyn, as v'ad kiarail goaill ynsaghey ayns laue. Ayns y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit ta paart dy h-aghtyn ayn, shen y yannoo.

Union head wants teacher training review

The president of the National Association of Head Teachers says the Isle of Man needs to look at how teachers are trained.

Ann Lyons, a head from North West London, was in the Island last week for an inter-island conference which was supported by the NAHT and other unions.

It was her first visit to schools in a Crown Dependency and Mrs Lyon said she was pleased to see schools here remain at the heart of the community.

Whilst noting that issues such as recruitment are common problems for the Island and the UK, there was one area specific to the Island which she thought Manx authorities needed to examine.

Mrs Lyon said that there is the possibility of  perhaps people going into a second career in the Island, which could well be teaching, but  there isn't the mechanism for people to do that here. We're going to be working for a long time, and so it's very possible that people will have two or even three careers through their working life. A number of parents in her school want to spend more time with their children and have looked to go into teaching as a career. In the UK there are several ways to do that.

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