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Manx Word of the Day - Cristl and Kerron

8 year old Cristl and her 11 yr old brother Kerron are fluent Manx speakers who both go to Bunscoill Ghaelgagh. Their parents, Chloë Woolley and Malcolm Stitt, are both musicians and Chloë is the Manx Music Development Officer at Culture Vannin.

Cristl and Kerron brought us some helpful words and phrases related to Covid, then some music related terms. How many do you know? Can you guess what they might be? Listen to the clips to hear the answers and hear how they should be pronounced. 

Tannee Sauchey: 

Gow Kiarail:

Tannee Dy Valley: 

Covid nuy-jeig:


Goaill arrane: 




Perhaps you can try and include some in your daily conversation? Aigh vie as gow soylley jeh (good luck and enjoy - says Cristl!)