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Results for Castletown

Local Authority General Election
Thursday, 28th April 2016

Castletown (7 seats)

2016 Result for Castletown Commissioners
Number of Seate 7
Total Number of Eligible Voters 2223
Total Number of Votes Cast 908
Number of Rejected Ballot Papers 2
Turnout 40.85%
Share of Vote # Vote % Vote
James Daniel Barrow 451 49.7%
James Richard Cubbon 645 71%
Colin Leather 366 40.3%
Jeremy Martin Vivian Ludford-Brooks 299 32.9%
Richard Stephen McAleer 503 55.4%
David John Parnell 440 48.5%
Carol Quine 342 37.7%
Unelected Candidate(s)
Dorothy Elizabeth Faragher 257 28.3%
James Douglas Quine 168 18.5%

Declaration of Result

Tim Glover reporting

Scene Set

Tim Glover reporting

Area Profile

Tim Glover reporting


James Daniel Barrow

James Richard Cubbon

Dorothy Elizabeth Faragher

Colin Leather

Jeremy Martin Vivian Ludford-Brooks

Richard Stephen McAleer

David John Parnell

Carol Quine

James Douglas Quine


Returning Officer

A C Collister

Polling stations

Number 1: District 1 - Civic Centre, Farrants Way

Number 2: District 2 - Morton Hall, off Victoria Road