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MEA says 'look out for bogus callers'

Householders are being warned of hoax calls, being made by people claiming to represent the Manx Electricity Authority.

The bogus callers have been asking customers to verify the serial number on their electricity meter and telling them an emergency rate is being applied to their account, as they have been overcharged.

They have also asked if it would be convenient to visit the property.

The MEA says the calls are not from them, and should be reported to the police.

The Office of Fair Trading says anybody receiving such a call should ask for a return telephone number and not tell the caller anything, until they have checked with the business they claim to be ringing from that the call is genuine.

Anyone calling at the door of a property should be asked straight away for photographic identification, after which a similar check can be made. The OFT says householders should never be afraid to challenge callers, whether on the telephone or the doorstep.

Further information is available from the MEA's customer services team, on 687675.

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