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New accessibility pilot programme launched

Business working with Sight Matters

Sight Matters has partnered with SQR Group Ltd to launch a new pilot scheme designed to 'promote digital accessibility for all'. 

It will provide an opportunity for the visually impaired and blind community to share their unique insights and positively impact wider society in a bid to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of online services.

Once underway the scheme will be rolled out to a wide range of organisations across the Isle of Man and beyond. 

SQR’s chief executive Shelley Langan-Newton said: "There are 253 million people in the world who are visually impaired. That is 253 million people who would struggle to use a solution to help digitally verify who they are and would be unable to access the important services that it can unlock.

"The inability to access useful – and even in some cases vital - services is something that we as society need to aim to eradicate in all its forms. If you want to sign up for a new bank account for example, or prove your employment status for a job application, your ability to partake in everyday life becomes so much harder - if not impossible - if you can’t navigate a new online sign-up process.

"More and more services are available online, which can make life simpler for many, but much, much harder too for others. As a digital ecosystem enabler with a key principle of accessibility, we are committed to making life better for all, and we are delighted to kick off this journey of improved accessibility by partnering with a local charity which is close in location, and close to our hearts."

Cathryn Bradley, chief executive of Sight Matters, added: "We are delighted that SQR have taken such a proactive and progressive approach to digital accessibility.

"This is an issue that impacts many of our members and finding a way of working to solve some of those problems while also empowering our members by giving them a ‘seat at the table’ is fantastic."

It's hoped the scheme can be further expanded in the future to work with other companies.

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