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Inflation hits 3-year low to 2.2%

The last time the figure was below the current index was in 2021

Consumer inflation has hit a three-year low, after falling by a whole percentage point last month.

It's now at 2.2-percent; the last time it was below that figure was in April 2021.

The Consumer Price Index reflects the rate at which prices are rising.

Tea, preschool fees, driving lessons, internet and telephone subscriptions and private education are the largest increases in the twelve months to April 2024.

Air travel, gas, fruit, bread, plasters and multivitamin tablets have all contributed to the slowdown in price rises.

Gas is down by 10.6-percent over the past year, but 'housing, water, electricity, and gas and other fuels' have collectively risen by 1.9-percent.

Communication sees the largest increase, which is in part down to 'inflationary' price hikes.

Recreation and culture includes the likes of 'pet care, kennel fees, internet subscription, and leisure goods and services' which have increased by 6.9-percent over a 12-month period.

Tea, eggs and bacon are the highest risers.

Bread, fruit and pork have decreased though.

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