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PacificWest scam alert from FSC

Isle of Man residents who have received correspondence from a Mark Barbosa of 'The PacificWest Financial Clearing House' are being advised by the Financial Supervision Commission to ignore it, because it's a con.

The firm claims it's been asked by the 'British Financial Supervision Commission' to reactivate customers' payment mandates so it can forward outstanding sums.

It goes on to say the individuals concerned must show up at the BFSC's offices, at Finch Hill House in Bucks Road, Douglas, which just happens to be the address of the Isle of Man FSC!

Other related documents received by the FSC purport to come from an Eric Timothy, who supposedly works for the 'Enforcement and Authorisations' section of the FSC in the Island.

The real FSC says all these details are completely false and is advising people who receive such requests to get in touch as soon as possible.

The FSC says it seems the documentation is being used either to tempt recipients into becoming the victims of advance fee fraud, or to gain personal data.

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