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2021 'worst year yet' for birds caught in fishing gear - Manx Wild Bird Aid

Charity taking care of hundreds of wild birds

A local wildlife charity says 2021 has been the 'worst year yet' for birds getting caught in fishing gear.

On Tuesday volunteers from the Manx Wild Bird Aid were called out to rescue three birds from abandoned fishing line in Peel.

Last week a cormorant died after line got twisted around its feet, and two young gulls were killed after swallowing hooks.

Founder member Barbara Cole says they've taken in 188 gulls so far this year, as well as hundreds of others.

She spoke with Lewis Foster about the challenges they've been facing and some of the scenes the charity's volunteers have come across:

Manx Wild Bird Aid has compiled a list of ten things anglers can do to prevent wildlife getting caught up in their line.

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