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Animal export petition 'mythical'

Livestock taken direct to abattoir

The Manx National Farmers Union says the premise of the latest animal export e-petition is filled with myth it would like to dispel.

It's author - Ramsey's Erica Spencer - says cattle suffer long distances, are confined, sometimes for weeks, in overcrowded trucks without fresh air, food and water.

Both the MNFU, and local hauliers say they transport cattle for slaughter on Type 1 approved wagons after being certified for travel.

They say, after disembarkation, animals are taken straight to the abattoir in Preston - or the surrounding area - and are unloaded.

Abattoirs take stock 24 hours a day.

President Brian Brumby says the longest wait in the wagon is eight hours and suggests before taking action, people need to do their research:

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