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Assisted dying - campaigners look at both sides of the debate

Those for and against the introduction of legislation speak to Manx Radio

The phrase 'assisted dying' has been on the tips of politician's tongues recently, after Ramsey MHK Dr Alex Allinson tabled a motion calling for a discussion of legislation at Tynwald.

The subject itself is highly controversial, with campaign groups fighting on both sides of the argument.

With this is mind Manx Radio spoke to some representatives and campaigners of the groups 'Dignity in Dying' and 'Care Not Killing' to get some perspectives.

Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying, talking about the precedent legalisation would set:

Joy Munns, campaigner for Dennis' Dignity, whose father - Dennis - requested assisted death, and mother was charged with his murder:

Alistair Thompson is a spokesman for the Care Not Killing Alliance:

Millie Blenkinsop-French, campaigner for Dignity in Dying on the Isle of Man, who handed the petition in to Tynwald in 2014 & 2019, says it's about choice:

David Ashford MHK tabled an amendment during a lengthy debate, asking Tynwald to note the debate, rather than look into changing the law, which received unanimous support.

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