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DHSC criticised for adult day care change

One provider decision to improve services says department

Day care services for adults with learning disabilities are going to be offered by one provider, rather than a range of them, under plans by the Department of Health and Social Care.

It's claimed this will give consistency for families and carers, improve understanding of needs, and help manage any future virus outbreaks. 

But some carers say loved ones enjoy having day care provided from a variety places.

The change is an operational decision according to Adult Social Care, which stressed there's no reduction in the amount of day care services, or the activities on offer, but the care will only be available from one place, rather than a mix.

Some people get day care services split between providers, for example, someone could go to the Tall Trees Resource Centre two day a week and crossroads day services three days a week.

Under the changes, this five day support package will only come from one place.

The benefit of this change is said to be improved communication, consistency in approach, staff and support, fewer transfers between facilities, and potential to better manage future outbreaks.

The situation will be reviewed if there's 'evidence the change is having a detrimental effect'.

It's understood carers haven't been asked if they support the change, but most have been informed of it in recent meetings with the DHSC.

Jackie Betteridge is the CEO of Crossroads Care, which is one of the providers of adult day care services:

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