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DoI 'optimistic' of resolving Balthane roundabout land issue soon

Talks to release covenant progressing, says minister

The Department of Infrastructure is optimistic it can resolve a land issue preventing progress on the new Balthane roundabout soon.

In an update to information he recently provided in the House of Keys, Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall says work to release a covenant, which restricts the use of the land earmarked for the junction, is ongoing.

The DoI agreed the terms of the sale last year, with the Attorney General's Chambers continuing talks with Malew Commissioners over the covenant, although the department says progress is being made.

Funding for the roundabout has previously been approved, with properties at Railway Terrace demolished in preparation for the construction.

The disposal of hazardous waste relating to the construction of the roundabout has also presented a challenge, as Minister Crookall confirmed a number of options have been considered to deal with coal tar material.

A lack of suitable facilities on Island, UK legislation preventing such material being disposed of in landfill and cost implications mean it's proposed such material will be bound with cement to form a sub base layer within the project.

Further funding will be needed to deal with the coal tar present in the current roundabout, which has not yet been approved.

The roundabout will connect the proposed Ballasalla bypass to the Balthane junction.

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