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DOI will consider discounting landing fees for sustainable aircraft

But such a move would require 'significant investment', says minister

Airlines that use more sustainable fuels or aircraft may in the future be offered discounted landing fees at Ronaldsway.

The infrastructure minister says it's something his department will consider, but isn't able to implement just yet. 

Tim Crookall says the airport wants to ensure that the proper measures are incentivised with the three key fuel sources being hydrogen, electricity, and sustainable aviation fuel.

But, the airport does not offer any of these and it's said it would 'require significant investment' if it was to provide them.

The minister says a decision needs to be made on what types of future fuels can be offered, if the airport is to provide any.

Meanwhile, he says, there are 'carbon offset programs and initiatives to neutralise emissions that could be recognised'. 

But again, says more consideration needs to be given to a number of issues, such as ensuring the right infrastructure is in place before anything can be done.

Minister Crookall's statement follows a Tynwald Question for Written Answer submitted by Douglas North MHK John Wannenburgh.

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