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Douglas harbour dive to check for unwanted species of sea squirt

None discovered around floating pontoon

A team of wildlife experts have completed a rare dive in Douglas harbour to examine a floating pontoon for invasive non-native species.

High on the list of unwanted invaders was a troublesome species of sea squirt.

The dive was organised as part of Invasive Non-Native Species Week which raises awareness of organisms that pose a threat to biodiversity and damage infrastructure.

Dr Michelle Haywood is a political member within the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture:

No non-native species of sea squirts were discovered during the dive.

Leigh Morris, the chief executive of the Manx Wildlife Trust, said: "It was good news that the carpet sea squirts and orange tipped sea squirts we feared we might find were not present and it was fantastic to see such a diverse range of marine biodiversity which is an indicator of a healthy and thriving ecosystem." 

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