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Further restrictions to be implemented within scallop fishing

Fishermen and marine scientists set to co-manage multi-million pound industry

Scallops are a well known dish on the Island, but are they being over-fished to the point we see a decline in years to come?

Fishermen, producers and marine scientists are coming together to address critical challenges being faced by the industry.

From November, vessels will be restricted on the size of the gear they can use alongside regulations on the dredges used to trawl for scallops.

What's being labelled a 'Long-Term Management Plan' by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is allowing scientists and fishermen to work together to co-manage the Isle of Man's multi-million pound king scallop industry.

The plan aims to withdraw licences from those who aren't solely reliant on scallop catches in attempt to reduce the amount being caught as a whole.

MHK Michelle Haywood has political responsibility for fisheries within the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture:


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