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House of Keys: Moorhouse to question housing for additional 5,000 employees

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK 'deeply concerned'

How will an additional 5,000 employees be housed on the Island and will this impact on house prices and rents? 

That's a question Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK, Jason Moorhouse is set to put to the Chief Minister during today's House of Key's sitting. 

He told Manx Radio he is 'deeply concerned' as the housing market is already under 'incredible strain'.

He added there's a relatively smaller amount of properties being built compared to the large number of people that Alfred Cannan is hoping to attract: 

In an order paper of eleven questions from Keys members today (Tuesday, 7 March) there have been developments for two of the questions asked.

Joney Faragher asks Environment Minister about the prohibition of camping at Sulby Claddaghs. We know now that overnight camping will be permitted but Ms Faragher's question is about the process before the initial closure was announced.

Jason Moorhouse also enquires as to what will happen to electricity tariffs from 1 April. 

Electricity tariffs, we now know, will be increased by 6 pence per unit on both 1 April and then again on 1 July.

Other questions?  A statement requested on the importance of Laxey Glen Mills, the suspension of the winter bonus, the number of teachers off with stress, and placing LED screens with moving images at roundabouts. The assessment of any risks associated. 

Today's Keys sitting gets underway at 10am. You can listen live on Manx Radio AM 1368, Online and on smartphone apps.

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