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Hundreds take part in Manx Folk Awards

Seven hundred school children took part in the annual Manx Folk Awards this week.

The competition, now in its third year, celebrates all things “Manx” – from singing and recitation, to folk groups and traditional dancing.

Children from all five key stages of school entered in approximately 41 categories.

In KS1 Daisy Quinn took first place for her recitation, with Joseph Savage being praised for his manx singing, and Manor Park school came first in the group singing class.

KS2...and the couples dance award went to Nichole Crellin and Olivia Nichol-Clark, and Michael Melody Musicians took first place in group singing with under ten members.

Zachary Elliott impressed the judges with his KS3 recitation, and Victoria Broadman took the top prize for her solo girls dance.

The full list of the winners and runners up is as follows - well done to them all!













KS3 Recitation



Zachary Elliott






KS3 Solo Song in Manx



Magnus Cain






KS3 Solo Instrumental



Mera Royle



Owen Williams & Lukas Hayhurst



KS 4-5 Solo Instrumental



Isla Callister-Wafer






KS 3 Original Composition



Owen Williams






KS3 Solo Girls Dance



Aerin Roberts



Kerry Shakespeare



KS 4-5 Solo Girls Dance



Victoria Broadman






KS 4-5 Solo Boys Dance



Cesar Joughin






KS 3-5 Folk Group



Club Kiaull (QEII)

The Unwanted (Bree)



Bree Group 1



KS 4-5 Fiddyl / Fiddyl Vooat



Alexandra Lily & Sarah Buss







KS2 Solo Song Manx Gaelic



Hope Goldie



Rose Turner



KS2 Solo Song English



Lucas Hills Field



Georgia Marsh



KS2 Recitation



Freya Melvin



Amelia Kopacz



KS2 Group Singing (under 10)



Michael Melody Musicians



Bunscoill Rhumsaa



KS2 Group Singing (under 30)



Ballacottier School 2



Ballacottier School 1 & Jurby School



KS2 Solo Girls Dance



Elle Brannon



Lucy Gilmore



KS2 Solo Boys Dance



Thomas Bell



Conylt Dillon & Ryan Higgins



KS2 Solo Instrumental



Olivia Colgan



Jack McLean



KS2 Couples Dance



Nicole Crellin & OIivia Nichol-Clark



Rona Dioon-Tashtagh & Anna Radcliffe



KS2 Feddan



Michael School



Bunscoill Rhumsaa



KS2 Fiddyl/Fiddyl Vooar



Amelia Kopacz



Rose Turner



KS2 Folk Group



Bunscoill Rhumsaa



Michael School



KS2 Instrumental Music Making



Bunscoill Rhumsaa



St Thomas School



KS2 Team Dance



Onchan School



Victoria Road School & Bunscoill Rhumsaa



KS2 Balanced Programme



St Mary’s school







KS1 Couples Dance



Lindwie Nyroni & Isabell Mikaill



Adam Brooks & Lucy May Kermeen



KS1 Manx Team Dance



Hop tu Naa (Auldyn)



Hunt the Wren (Auldyn)



KS1 Recitation



Daisy Quinn



Samuel Perry & Annabel Cranmer



KS1 Song in Manx Gaelic



Joseph Savage



Josephine Addy & Amelia Dillon-Tashtagh

Annabel Cranmer



KS1 Song in English



Oliver Howard



Connor Huyton & Keira Green



KS1 Group Singing



Manor Park



Bunscoill Rhumsaa (Auldyn)
















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