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Manx Labour Party says no to means testing

Party wants affluence testing instead

'No to means-testing' in favour of affluence testing in the Isle of Man - that line from the Manx Labour Party.

MLP Richard Halsall says means testing isn't a 'fair' or 'efficient' way to treat "disadvantaged" people allocated benefits.

He's made a submission to government via public consultation on the subject - listing a number of reasons as to why it stands in opposition.

The party believes the method is on the rise in line with what it describes as "austerity" policies brought by the UK Conservative Party.

It's deemed an attractive way to focus in on people living on the poverty line, by ridding the system of others choosing to abuse it.

Mr Halsall suggests that - instead - government is overly-concerned with a diminishing welfare pot, and cutting red tape.

He insists 'biased responses' from the 2015 Big Debate are used to defend debate due to 'views of the majority'.

The party recommends Treasury devolves responsibility to front-line services, lays waste to any idea of a one-size-fits-all approach, and any stigmatisation.

It also says issues of low pay, high housing costs and affordable child care need to be addressed - and testing should be set at a maximum income level cut off point.