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Michelle Mone 'breaks silence' over PPE scandal

Michelle Mone - via Instagram

New documentary funded by PPE Medpro released today

Isle of Man-based Tory peer Michelle Mone is the subject of a new documentary released today (10 December) regarding PPE Medpro and the UK Government. 

In the hour-long film, from investigative reporter Mark Williams-Thomas, Baroness Mone says she's 'breaking her silence' to respond to the criminal allegations she faces. 

‘The Interview: Baroness Mone and the PPE Scandal’ focusses on the UK Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and, in particular, how personal protective equipment was provided. 

Her husband’s company, PPE Medpro (which has funded the new documentary) was given a £200 million contract by the UK DHSC to provide equipment but is now being sued for the return of £122 million paid for surgical gowns that government claims were not fit for purpose. 

Lady Mone and Mr Barrowman, who live in St Marks, claim it is the DHSC, not PPE MedPro, which is at fault, and have denied illegally profiting by selling unusable equipment. 

In a post on X today she says she, and her husband, have been used as a ‘scapegoat’ by the UK government. 

“This new documentary will begin to tell the truth about this scandal,” she adds. 

 You can find a link to the full documentary - which Mr Williams Thomas says he retained full editorial independence over -  here.

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