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New Bishop revives tradition

The Island's new Bishop will revive an old tradition when he rides in an open-top carriage to give his first sermon later this month.

Following in his predecesors' footsteps, the Bishop-to-be of Sodor and Man Robert Paterson will ride in a landau from Castletown to preach at Malew Church.

That's two days before his enthronement at Peel Cathedral.

In living memory, bishops have preached their first sermons at the ancient church of Malew AFTER their enthronement.

But traditionally it was the other way round: having landed on the Island at Castletown, they would stop at Malew on their way TO enthronement.

Bishop Robert will restore that tradition on June 12th when he travels with the Archdeacon and Vicar of Malew by landau from Castletown to Malew for evening prayer.

After the enthronement on Saturday, the new bishop will walk to the ancient cathedral on St Patrick's Island - and sit on the throne of the last bishop to be enthroned there in 1784.

Bishop Robert has described the Island as full of ancient tradition and virbant with young life - and he is bringing together both new and old.

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