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Payment system for carers explained

Carers in the Isle of Man aren't being denied benefits they are entitled to, or having their payments compromised when they reach retirement age.

That's the response from the Health Minister and the Attorney General to a raft of Tynwald questions on the subject, from North Douglas MHK John Houghton.

The Minister, Eddie Teare, says Manx legislation doesn't prevent people claiming their pension and a carer's allowance at the same time, but adds their benefits would be adjusted accordingly.

AG John Corlett confirms the position in one of his answers, saying the allowance would be reduced by the amount the person received for their pension.

Mr Houghton also enquired about the recently established Carer's Bereavement Payment.

Mr Teare confirms it was his department's intention from the outset that pensioners wouldn't be entitled to the payment.

He says this was because it was set up to give financial aid to those looking to get back into work after the person they cared for had passed away.

But Mr Teare (pictured) says this could change in the future, subject to a Council of Ministers report into the scheme.

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