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Poker site in hot water

An advertisement for a Manx-based poker website is under investigation after a parent complained his 9 year old daughter saw it.

The girl was watching the Simpsons on TV3 in New Zealand when the Pokerstars advert was shown.

Problem Gambling Foundation chief executive John Stansfield, says the advert his daughter saw appears to breach online gambling laws there.

The channel stands by its decision to screen it, claiming it was vetted by the Television Commercials Approval Bureau.

Jason Roberts reports:

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Pokerstars is based in Hill Street in Douglas, but attracts players from around the world to its online poker rooms.

New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Department says it’s investigating a number of complaints over the advert.

Mr Stansfield says the advert was for a site where players don’t compete for money – but he still wants it pulled.

The Internal Affairs Department will decide by the end of January what action to take – in the meantime the commercial is still being aired outside children's programme times.

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