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Police target mephedrone suppliers in UK

New legislation outlawing the so called 'legal high' drug mephedrone comes into effect tomorrow (Thursday).

Under an amendment to the 2003 Medicines Act, it will be an offence to import or export the substance, sell or supply it, or possess it with a view to selling or supplying it.

Up to now, police in the Isle of Man have been severely limited in terms of the action they have been able to take against would be offenders.

Head of the Drug Trafficking Unit Detective Inspector Terry Stephen says mephedrone is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous drugs in circulation at the moment, and the description 'legal high' has given some users the entirely false impression it is safe to use.

Police here have started targeting United Kingdom based suppliers and are warning them of the change in legislation.

DI Stephen says it will be made 'abundantly clear' that should they continue to export it to the Island they will be prosecuted and their assets seized.

Isle of Man based postal and courier businesses have also been contacted and the constabulary's drug dogs have been trained to detect mephedrone.

The UK's classification of mephedrone, also known as 'plant food', as a class B drug will automatically be applied in the Isle of Man, increasing the potential penalties for offenders.

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