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Pre-school campaigners face committee

Pre-school education comes back under the spotlight later this morning as a committee investigates whether the new service is value for money.

The Social Affairs Policy Review Committee will take evidence from campaigners who fought the changes.

Amy Burns and Lisa Morris are due to appear before the committee at 10.30am today.

The hearings take place in the Legislative Council chamber of Legislative Buildings on Bucks Road in Douglas.

Today’s evidence will be given in public.

With just weeks now to go until the government’s new system allowing parents to buy pre-school time from private providers with vouchers, two mums who fought hard against the changes will give their views on it.

The Social Affairs Committee, chaired by East Douglas MHK Brenda Cannell, is investigating whether the policy is value for money, and whether it meets the Island’s educational needs.

It began its probe after ten members of Tynwald asked it to do so.

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