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PRoWL campaigner gives evidence

The inquiry into public rights of way at Langness has been rumbling on today.

It centres around footpaths on land now owned by TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson and his wife Frances.

She's due to give evidence at the Mount Murray Hotel tomorrow.

The pressure group Public Rights of Way Langness, better known as PRoWL has been giving its side of the story, with campaigner John Welsh delivering the bulk of today's evidence.

Sian Cowper followed events for Manx Radio (transcription, below, from part of a report):

"The evidence from John Welsh was obviously in favour of public rights of way.

"He said he walked free and unrestricted across Langness for the last 50 years.

"He even referred to complaints about trespassers, by a previous owner [of the peninsula], as 'bogus' and said a cattle grid installed by DAFF was designed to keep pedestrians out, rather than livestock in.

"Other witnesses said they had always assumed there was a right of way at Langness, having never been told that they couldn't walk there."

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