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Strategic Plan agreed by Tynwald

Tynwald has agreed on the direction government should take for the next four years.

After a very lengthy debate, the majority of members approved the Strategic Plan last night (Tues).

The plan sets out the main policy objectives, which for the first time have been decided by the Council of Ministers rather than individual departments.

Beth Espey reports:

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The 21 page Strategic Plan received a mixed review from members, with some praising its slimline appearance and others criticising it for not "having enough meat on the bones."

The majority though commended it for being straightforward and accessible, instead of the lengthy documents which often end up on the floor, unread.

However there were some concerns.

Speaker Steve Rodan felt the major problem of the changing demographic in the Island hadn't been addressed with all the implications for the economy, health service and pensions.

Michael MHK, David Cannan wondered where the 'freedom to flourish' message was.

In the end just two members voted against the plan - Onchan MHK, Peter Karran and his Liberal Vannin Colleague Bill Malarky - who likened the document to a "holiday brochure for Disneyland".

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