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Taxi driver in catering dispute

A taxi driver claims he's been banned from part of Ronaldsway Airport for nothing more than making an inquiry.

Martin Moore says a member of staff from the catering company, which runs the airport's restaurant, told him it was possible for someone to take up employment if they were given verbal authorisation from the work permit office.

He says he phoned the work permit office to ask if that was true.

Mr Moore then received a phone call from the catering firm and was told he was no longer welcome in the upper part of the airport.

He believes he's being penalised for allegedly reporting the firm and he's unsure of what to do next (audio file attached):

Airport Director Ann Reynolds confirmed there had been a private dispute between Mr Moore and the managing director of the catering company and said she hoped the matter would be resolved as soon as possible. She added that Mr Moore was not banned from the airport at all.

The Work Permit Office has told us a person can be given verbal authorisation to start work but only if their permit has been approved in principle.

They say there's currently a backlog of paperwork, so it's done if the person is urgently needed.

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