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Traffic Light Support System reintroduced during lockdown

Arbory & Rushen Commissioners behind help initiative

Help will be available to those who need it in the south of the Island as Arbory and Rushen Commissioners reactivates its traffic light support system.

It follows the start of the second Island-wide lockdown, which began at midnight last night.

Members of the parish will put up a green item in their window if they're okay or orange if they need assistance and volunteers will then be matched to certain areas.

Chair of Arbory and Rushen Commissioners Jane Glover says providing company is equally as important as picking up people's shopping:

The Traffic Light Support System begins on Friday, 8 Jan.

If you need assistance with shopping or other errands, please email clerk@rushen.gov.im as the ideal contact method.

Otherwise message Facebook messenger or phone 834501.

Similarly, if you would like to be a volunteer and can safely offer assistance, please contact as above.

If you simply want a chat to break the monotony of isolation, please call Jane on 835013 or 492010.