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Traffic queues as McDonald's reopens drive-thru

Cones installed along Peel Road to direct vehicles

Perhaps the Island's most popular fast-food outlet has reopened its gates today - with immense popularity, if the videos and photos being shared on social media are anything to go by.

This morning, Police warned traffic restrictions would be in place:

Earlier this afternoon, Manx Radio drove past the McDonald's Drive-Thru in Douglas to see what the queues were like, on the day of reopening:

Later on, Dollin Mercer went down to Peel Road, and it seems the numbers weren't dying down:

Traffic problems aren't limited to the Island either - in the UK there have been reports of issues.

An outlet in Bolton has said to have waiting times of over an hour and a half to get your McNuggets.

McDonalds UK has responded to fears some queues could become dangerous or even unsafe, tweeting that bosses "are working with Local Authorities and police and we may determine it necessary to close Drive Thrus if there is local disruption or puts the safety of our employees and customers at risk."

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