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TT Homestay numbers likely to match 2019

Accommodation scheme approaching pre-Covid levels

The number of home stay properties for TT this year is up by approaching 200 on last year.

So far we're told over 810 homes have signed up.

With another 120 described as 'active leads' organisers of the motorsport festival say it should match numbers in 2019.

That event was followed by a two-year hiatus because of Covid, while 2022 was seen as a 'recovery year'.

This year it's hoped the figures will show growth, and that's what seems to be happening.

The scheme is run by MiQuando and offers the chance for homeowners to earn up to £2350 tax free in relation to income specific to the TT.

It's seen as vital in providing enough accommodation for fans with the number of hotel beds dropping.

Registration is still open for any more takers for this year's festival.

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